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We are a leading PhD Research School that is affiliated to the Department of Computer Science at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Our key areas of research interest are centred on problems that are most pertinent to the developing world. We focus currently on issues of Education, Cheap and accessible healthcare, and Crime Mitigation in rural and poor areas of developing world countries.

Chao presents at Mobile Learning 2014

Chao Mbogho

Chao Mbogho a PhD student with the research school went to present a paper at the Mobile Learning 2014 conference in Madrid, Spain. Her main research interests are in m-Learning at the University of Cape Town.

HPI UCT spring workhop 2014

This workshop will provide a forum for sharing ideas and research work in the emerging areas of the design and development of technologies geared at ICT4D and Service Oriented Computing problems. The discussions are aimed at encouraging both students and principal researchers to take a more active approach towards collaborative or joint work.


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