Haji Ali

Email address: haliAtcs.uct.ac.za


Haji Ali is a PhD student in ICT for Development and HPI research school in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Cape Town. Haji holds a master’s degree in Mobile Computer Systems (Mobile Computing) from Staffordshire University in United Kingdom. His bachelor degree is in Computer Science, he has undertaken in the Department of Computer Science at the Future University in Sudan. His PhD research aims at investigating mobile image-based reminder applications to support compliance in tuberculosis treatment in developing countries. The application is especially, helpful for patients with limited abilities such as illiteracy. This work is being conducted under the supervision of Prof. Hussein Suleman and Prof. Ulrike Rivett.

Research interests

The rapid growth rate of the use of mobile phones in developing regions has been increasing quickly in the past decade. It has been demonstrated as a tool that improves healthcare delivery to reach a larger population easier and with lower cost. Presently, tuberculosis (TB) is a major health concern globally, particularly in developing countries. A major challenge is that patients fail to follow the treatment regimens as recommended by a health care professional, as a result the treatment requires more time, reduces effectiveness, and sometimes causes disability or death. The most common reason that has been reported for patients missing medication is forgetting.

The aim of this research study is to develop a mobile graphic-based application as opposed to SMS text message and phone call that reminds a patient about the need to follow the routine of taking medicine, and helps to monitor this process. The program is especially helpful for patients with limited literacy, language barriers or deaf.