Sinini Ncube

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Sinini is a PhD student at the center of ICT4D at the University of Cape Town. She obtained her Masters and honours degrees in Computer Science at Rhodes University in Grahasmtown, South Africa.Her undergraduate degree, Computer Science and Geographical Information Systems, was obtained from the university of Fort Hare. Prior to joing UCT, Sinini worked as a software engineer/UX designer and also lectured students at Rhodes university. She currently works under the supervision of Prof. Hussein Suleman and Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel.

Research Interests

The advent growth of mobile phones in developing countries has brought about possibilities of growth in educational delivery. Students often struggle obtaining resources for study purposes. The mobile phone brings about the promise of eliminating paper textbooks at schools whereby buying them is expensive and students often have to share the books in threes or more. With the introduction of eReaders and mobile multifunctional devices like tablets, iPads and mobile phones, digital documents are becoming more portable and easily accessible. Paperless books like novels and articles are now available for download in an instant, direct from online retailers, revolutionizing digital reading. In developing countries schools and educational departments are still focused on distributing hard-copy textbooks yet the government cannot afford to provide hard copy textbooks to all students in the country. The substantial increase in digital document uptake means it is timely to investigate the issues surrounding reading electronic books on available devices particularly the mobile phone as the majority of students own mobiles. A sample of students from the University of Cape Town were elected as a proxy to co-design an interactive electronic textbook that can suit their student needs. A system was then developed for testing with the Zimbabwean community.