HPI Research School Workshop University Of Cape Town, June 2017

On 25th – 27th June 2017 HPI School under Computer science department, University of Cape Town (UCT) hosted an academic workshop in collaboration with the HPI Germany to share ideas on emerging research development in the areas of computer science. The workshop started with the introduction of the event from A/Prof. James Gain who is the coordinator of HPI school at the Computer Science Department, UCT. In all, there were two keynote speakers, Prof. Andreas Polze who presented on "NUMA, Resource-Management, Monitoring - Core2Cloud on Power" and A/Prof. James Gain also presented on "Procedural Ecosystems in Computer Graphics." The keynote talks provided avenues for further deliberations and gave new insights to the workshop participants also; thirteen HPI students made presentations on different areas of Computer Science.

Find the detailed schedule for the talks here.